Vineland Construction Company

“We certainly did our homework and contacted a number of consultants that we use within our tax group.”

Frank Raschilla
Executive Vice President, Vineland Construction Company

NAI NP Dodge

“When it was all said and done, the price to renovate this to get it into an operating facility was probably not worth the, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.”

Chris Falcone
Vice President NAI NP Dodge

Motor City

“Of course, I would love to do that. Help a charity, get a great deal on a piece of property, and also the seller to have whatever tax benefit he was able to acquire. I have never seen a situation where it was just Win, Win and Win.”

JP Guidry
Owner, Motor City

Jones Lang LaSalle

“They vetted it further. It kept getting approved and supported at every level. First the Real Estate Department, then through the Finance Department, to the Accounting Department, to the Internal Auditors, to the External Auditors. And every step of the way it passed muster.”

Andy Couch
VP Restructuring Services

NAI Brannen Goddard

“In 22 years, I’ve been involved in over a billion dollars of real estate transactions and I never had access to this type of disposition. And, my clients hadn’t.”

Brad Pope
Former Managing Director/Prinicpal, NAI Brannen Goddard

RE/MAX Professional Realty Group

“As the process went on, I’d say within the first couple of weeks, in consulting with our mutual attorney, my client, myself and then the CPA, we realize that this is just a process that a lot of people aren’t aware of.”

Blake Hayden
Realtor, RE/MAX Professional Realty Group

Sunshine Commercial Brokerage

“The owner was happy to work with ACTS because they are a faith based organization that does charitable work building affordable housing and he really liked that aspect of the deal.”

Tom Shelly
Broker, Sunshine Commercial Brokerage

NAI Latter & Blum

“Of course, this was a new program to all of us. And I was quite honestly excited about it because I saw it as an opportunity for our seller to dispose of his property.”

Dewitt ‘Zeen’ David>
Commercial Sales Manager, NAI Latter & Blum

Hayden Construction Company

“Honest to God, I didn’t. I listened to everything he said, but really didn’t understand how the heck it was going to work.”

Vince Hayden
Owner, Hayden Construction Company

Avison Young

“The current appraisal that the city had put on the property was about as high as you could take the property. We were given some assurances, that with the proper MAI appraiser, that yes, we could get almost double what the city had appraised the property for.”

Buist Richardson
Principal, Avison Young


“You’re helping the poor and the needy, the downtrodden. I know you can’t help everybody, but you can help some, and that’s our philosophy too. So we help, in our case it’s like 4,000 a month that we help.”

Pastor Vincent Fusco
Executive Director of ACTS

Water Street Industrial

“I felt very comfortable with their (Welfont) appraisal process and all the other things that made it very easy for me to, within 60 days of contact, to have a transaction completed.”

Steven Fournier
Manager/Owner Water Street Industrial

Water Street Industrial

“Combined with the value of the tax deduction and the ability to dispose of the property in a nice way to somebody that will do some good things with it had a lot of appeal to me.”

Steven Fournier
Manager/Owner Water Street Industrial

Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

“Overall, I look at Welfont as a clearing house, the broker, the paralegal, and the technical acquisition team. You have a number of internal skill sets, and then underwriting a given transaction in bringing the right charity to being the purchaser. So, you wear a number of hats. It (Section 170 Bargain Sale) was something we put in front of our owner as an opportunity for both respective clients.”

Art Ross
Senior Managing Director in the Hartford, Connecticut, office of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank

One West Real Estate

“I represented the Seller in the sale of a challenging industrial property. The IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale was something that I had little experience with and frankly had not contemplated. The bargain sale worked and got the job done to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Dave Clements
Managing Broker & Owner, One West Real Estate

NAI Chase Commercial

“Working with Welfont has been extraordinarily beneficial to me. The reason is, quite candidly, is that they bring to the table a level of expertise in this particular section of the tax code. Many times I’ve had the opportunity to have my client on the telephone with one of the consultants with Welfont and they’ve been able to answer very specific and pointed questions with regard to how this impacts the seller…but they sort of bring a of level of expertise that broadens that for the seller.”

Doug McCullough
Vice President, NAI Chase Commercial

Corporate Realty Advisors

“For us, we do a lot of business in the food and agricultural business, which tends to have properties in rural areas, and so for us, we certainly considered when we take on properties, looking at whether or not, really right off the bat now, having had experience working with Welfont before, if we want to use that and take these properties to Welfont from the get-go as part of our strategy.”

Brandon Wood
Vice President, Corporate Realty Advisors

Master’s Commission International Network

“When you give to Welfont and make the donation to Master’s Commission, you are making an impact into not just an individual, but you’re making an impact into a generation.”

Derrek Sullivan
President, Master’s Commission International Network

Hilco Real Estate

“The IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale with our seller went very smoothly. It was more beneficial to them than trying to sell the property outright and was quicker and smoother than trying to sell it conventionally. I know they have been pleased with the process. We look at Welfont and the Bargain Sale as another club in our golf bag of things we can offer our client.”

Jeff Azuse
Senior Vice President, Hilco Real Estate

NAI Chase Commercial

“The Bargain Sale transaction was a new disposition strategy that I had never considered for my clients until introduced to me. After doing two, I now introduce it to my clients as an alternative to a traditional sale.”

Doug McCullough
Vice President, NAI Chase Commercial